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Six Vibrant Markets

We invite you to explore our six public markets that celebrate the rich history and diverse cultures, communities, and cuisine of the city we love.

Arthur Avenue Market

Since October of 1940, this Bronx market has been a fixture along Belmont’s main thoroughfare in the beloved Little Italy district. Deeply rooted in Italian traditions, the market is enveloped in a range of aromas from freshly cut capicola to the tobacco from hand-rolled cigars. Butchers, cheesemongers, and a new beer hall are on the market’s busy perimeter, while the aisles hold an abundance of fresh produce—with cured meats hanging alongside Italian and American flags. Come to Italy without leaving the city.

Essex Market

For over 100 years, Essex Market has been a cornerstone of the Lower East Side. Today, the market is newly renovated with 37,000 square feet of sunlight-drenched space. The air is filled with the aromas of tacos, bagels, and cuisine from all over the world, while fishmongers, cheesemongers, and micro-brewers serve up their own amazing fare. The market also has weekly programs where kids and adults can learn to cook in a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen. Explore the magic of Essex Market. 

Gourmet Glatt

Built in the 1930s, this market is in Borough “Boro” Park, Brooklyn, home to a growing Hasidic Jewish community. Today, Gourmet Glatt tenants serve fresh, authentic food, and its all-in-one Kosher supermarket provides a variety of quality and specialty produce. While the exterior resembles the original structure built by Mayor La Guardia, the inside is a modern reflection of the culture that makes this community thrive.

Jamaica Farmers Market

Sponsored by the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, Jamaica Market helped to put Jamaica, Queens on the map. From Chinese and Japanese to Spanish and Trinidadian, here you’ll find a world of flavors. This steadfast economic focal point is known for its busy and diverse food court—and highly popular summer-to-fall Friday farmers market. So, come hungry, come happy, and as always, bring your own bags. 

La Marqueta

What started as a bustling congregation of pushcart vendors is today an open-air market that’s celebrating East Harlem's local flavors—and gearing up for exciting renovations and a fresh, new future. Also home to an innovative incubator kitchen program, the market provides invaluable production education—and space—for small, artisanal, and ethnic food entrepreneurs. 

Moore Street Market

Moore Street was opened in 1941 and continues to be a mainstay of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Deeply rooted in Latino culture, the 15,000-square-foot market within the Graham Avenue shopping district is undergoing a $2.7 million renovation, making it more vital today than ever before. Come along for the ride as we transform this glorious market for the 21st century! 

Hot Bread Kitchen. Photo by Christine Han/Courtesy of Hot Bread Kitchen.

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