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The only remaining market structure from Fiorello La Guardia’s tenure as New York City’s mayor, Moore Street was opened in 1941 and continues to be a mainstay of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Deeply rooted in Latino culture, the 15,000-square-foot market is undergoing a $2.5 million renovation, making it more vital today than ever before. Come along for the ride as we transform this glorious market for the 21st century! Moore Street Market is located within the bustling Graham Avenue shopping district in between the J and L subway lines.

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Moore Street Market
110 Moore Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

(southwest corner of Moore and Humboldt Streets)

Our Vendors

From authentic Caribbean cuisine, and fresh fruits and vegetables, to services like a tailor, barbershop, and salon, Moore Street Market has everything the local community needs.

  • America Unisex Barbershop
  • American Coffee Shop
  • Botanica La Esperanza
  • J&R Distributors Inc.
  • Jerez Tailor Shop
  • La Union Fruit & Grocery Inc.
  • Las Gemelas
  • Neida’s Beauty Salon
  • Ramonita Restaurant
  • The Rose Thrift Shop
  • Torie’s Treasures
  • Y&R Market Fresh Corp.
Latin American Barbershop

America Unisex Barbershop

America Unisex Barbershop is a Moore Street institution, providing haircuts and trims for any and all patrons.

Latin American Barbershop

America Unisex Barbershop

America Unisex Barbershop is a Moore Street institution, providing haircuts and trims for any and all patrons.

American Coffee SHop

American Coffee Shop

Mexican-run lunch counter serves a host of Caribbean specialties, including alcapurrias, sorullos, bacalaitos, and empanadas.

Botanica La Esparanza

Botanica La Esperanza

The botanica specializes in selling different folk medicine, religious candles and statuary, amulets, and other products.

J&R Vendor

J&R Distributors Inc.

J&R Distributions Inc. is a mom and pa ice and beverage distributor located in the back of the Market – near the Varet street entrance. J&R’s clientele range from bodegas in the Williamsburg area to stores across the East River in Chinatown.

Jerez Tailor Shop

Jerez Tailor Shop

Jerez Tailor Shop steams and hems garments in the market, a great place to touch up a suit or alter some trousers!

La Union Fruit & Grocery Inc.

La Union Fruit & Grocery Inc.

La Union Fruit & Grocery’s aisles are filled with Goya products and artisanal spices that will liven up any dish. The array of products Fruit & Grocery houses makes the grocer an indispensable spot when planning your next meal.

Moore Street Market

Las Gemelas

Las Gemelas has teas and items found nowhere else in New York and provides an indispensable niche in East Williamsburg.

Neida's Beauty Salon

Neida’s Beauty Salon

Neida’s Beauty Salon is a great place for any style of hair-do you desire. Located past the seating area in Moore Street Market, the salon offers a beauty sanctuary in an energetic marketplace.


Ramonita Restaurant

Ramona Rodriguez has been cooking delicious Latin cuisine in Moore Street Market since 1987. Ramonita Restaurant serves a variety of foods: alcapurrias, pastelillos, rice, beans, steak, and pepper steak.

Rose Thrift Shop

The Rose Thrift Shop

For the last six years, the Rose Thrift Shop has been the place to find unique and quirky knick-knacks. In the undisputed capital of thrifting – Williamsburg, the Rose Thrift Shop is a great addition when trying to find that thrifting treasure.

Torie’s Treasures

Torie’s Treasures

For the last seven years, Torie’s Treasures have supplied one-of-a-kind jewelry and fashion merchandise in the Moore Street Market. Skull baseball caps and Puerto Rican boxing gloves draw the eye in to this uniquely special storefront in the market.

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Y&R Market Fresh Corp.

Y&R Market Fresh Corp.

Fresh produce straight from the tropics, supplying staples and dry goods for any and all Latin dishes. 

Hot Bread Kitchen. Photo by Christine Han/Courtesy of Hot Bread Kitchen.

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